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Ultima Six





Most people are aware of the water problems here in the valley and have taken measures to ensure high quality water for their family.

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Ultima Demand System

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ultima - VI (4 Stage) - $417.00
Ultima - VII (5 Stage) - $485.00 (Plus Tax, Includes Installation)

Under Counter
Sediment & Carbon - $135.00
Wholehouse Carbons
from - $195.00

          Water Softeners

32,000 Grain
Fleck 5600 Demand - $895.00
40,000 Grain
Fleck 5600 Demand - $995.0 
                     *Includes installation
                         to pre plumb loop

So...if your senses of sight, taste, and smell are telling you that the quality of your water is not what it could be:

                  Ran the

        WATER MAN

            (Randy Dodson)

32,000 GR. FLECK 5600 Demand Water System with Ultima-VI
4Stage Reverse
Osmosis System

40,000 Grain Fleck  

5600 Water Softener  

w/1" Valve together with  Ultima-VI (4 Stage) Reverse  Osmosis System

*Includes installation to pre plumb loop.

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